Aero360 builds High-performance autonomous Drones for demanding applications for saving time, money and lives.

We at Aero360 build high performance autonomous drones with advanced and robust technologies to combat the real time challenges. As the operations in real time environment are more challenging, we have brought together, tested and integrated the best of technologies available to come up with the most efficient, reliable and robust Drone for demanding applications with multifaceted payloads to enhance security, surveillance and emergency management for multiple industries.


The advanced tethered drone sustains 8+ hours of ultra-long endurance with robust performance.
Made of carbon-fiber, it features high ruggedness, compact folding arms and electric landing gears and 8hour ultra-long endurance, empowering you to overcome any challenge, safely and efficiently.
Equipped with Advanced Transmission System, it achieves a tether extendable up to 70 meters, allowing for more possibilities for those who demand aircrafts with persistent operation and endurance to perform tasks.
Being highly practical, tasks like Emergency Communication, Search & Rescue operations, ISR missions would be no hard jobs.


The Advanced Tether System Drone can easily achieve Flight Time of 8 Hours along with the payload Capacity. Unlike the normal Drones, The Drone Flight is uninterrupted for long time and long endurance applications. With easy portability and takeoff capability, The Drone can continue its operation with minimal ground time and no additional battery swapping and stock required.


With the advanced power system, the payload capacity is greatly enhanced to support 2kg of task loads. Each Motor having maximum thrust capacity and wide Propellers, Gives a Stable and Smooth Flight with better Flight Control and Drone Hovering. The proper Cooling of the System facilitates the Flight Time of the Drone without Heating or malfunction.


With Vertical Takeoff and landing capabilities, The Drone can take off from smaller and constraint spaced without difficulty and without additional setup. Minimal Landing Area is sufficient to take off and land. The Drone also has Autonomous Takeoff and landing capabilities and can take off from almost any surface textures like grass, gravel, concrete, sand etc.


With Advanced Precision Landing System, The Drone can Take off and land From Moving Platform. The drone maintains stability and precision during landing and takeoff from the Landing pad. This enhances the options and safety of the drone and thereby tough and critical operations can be tackled with ease.




UAV Type Multi Copter
Diagonal Wheelbase 643 mm
Folded Dimensions 722×282×242 mm
Unfolded Dimensions 883×886×398 mm
Material Carbon Fiber
Max Take-off Weight 6.14 Kg
Suggested Max Payload 1.34 Kg
Max Wind Resistance 12 m/s
Max Ascent Speed 5 m/s
Max Descent Speed 3 m/s
Flight Time Upto 8 hours
Tether length Upto 70m
Payload Outputs Visual and Thermal Outputs
Camera resolution 2.13 MP
Optical Zoom Capacity 30 X
Digital Zoom Capacity 6 X
Thermal Sensitivity (NEDT) Less than 50 mK at f/1.0
Pixel 640 × 512
Operating Temperature -20deg celsius to 50deg celsius

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Carryout Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions using EO/IR cameras, Optical/Infrared Zoom cameras for any missions

Search & Rescue

Scanning and searching multiple spots at once covering a large area

Emergency Management

Unmatched Drone operation to mitigate the after effects of Disasters like Flood, Oil spill, Ship wreck, Offshore Fire etc. Mitigation of severity paves way for avoiding additional consequences to victims as well as environment.

Traffic Management

Persistent and long endurance capability to support any traffic monitoring in real time to avoid traffic congestions and track suspicious vehicle movement

News and Media

High resolution visual sensors for high accurate coverage of major sports tournament and news broadcasting with options to live stream the coverage with seamless performance.