Instant delivery for everyone

Deliver anything to remote locations within 50 km, supported by Aero360's extended range!
With 50Kms extended range and 3 hours endurance, our Aero360 Hybrid drone can quickly deliver any life saving essentials including medicines, food, life jackets or critical replacement parts to stranded victims or vessels .


Built with sturdy mechanisms coupled with intelligent detachment system for effective delivery of Life Jackets, First AID kits, Medicines, Spares,Tools and commercial products.


Delivery Winch for long distance/remote location delivery operations. Specially made for delivery of Life saving essentials like Life Vests, First AID kits as well as commercial payloads including Cargo, tools etc.

  • AUTO & Remote controlled
  • 3 KGS Lifting capacity
  • 30 M Winch length
  • SPRING Release mechanism


Made for immediate delivery of Life saving essentials including Life Vests, First AID kits etc from any height.

  • AUTO & Remote controlled
  • 3 KGS Lifting capacity
  • 10-100M Height release
  • SERVO Release mechanism



Fast and precise on-demand delivery within minutes to the patient in need. Deliver medicines, first aid kits, AEDs to any location to assist the needy on time without logistical infrastructure challenge.


Carry mission critical logistics including Arms/Ammunition, blood packets, ISR sensor payloads, communication or mission critical equipment or cargo in challenging terrains to support troops guarding borders .

Disaster Response

Rapid response to victims during disasters by delivering life saving essentials like food, medicines, life vests etc within minutes thereby reducing critical times in emergency situations like floods, earthquakes or search and rescue operations .