Lifejacket/Buoy Delivery

Lifejacket/Buoy Delivery – Rapid response Life jacket delivery to drowning victims by automated operations. - Our VTOL drones can be Rapidly Deployed for Rescue operation from any platform. Built with sturdy mechanisms coupled with dependable gripping and grabbing systems with intelligent detachment system for effective delivery of Life Jacket, First AID KiT, Medical Apparatus, Spares,Tools and commercial products.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue - Supporting intelligent decisions in time- and safety-critical situations to locate and save stranded vicitms.using High resolution EO/IR zoom sensors for managing crisis.

Emergency Management

Emergency Management – Unmatched Drone operation to mitigate the after effects of Disasters like Flood, Oil spill, Ship wreck , Offshore Fire etc. Mitigation of severity paves way for avoiding additional consequences to victims as well as environment.

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance – Unmanned Long flights for routine as well as unplanned monitoring to tackle threats including Piracy, smuggling, Poaching, International Water intruders, unauthorized vessel movement etc.

Survey and Inspections

Survey and Inspections – Conduct Survey and Inspections on Land, Water bodies, Structures, & Infrastructure for accurate assessment, safety and progress tracking.